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Here at N2 Aesthetics we are all about how external beauty makes us feel empowered. What about feeling good internally through our lifestyle choices?  What about a new kind of energy and vitality that you carry and project every day?

We believe in the power of nutrition to change lives.  We want to make you look, and feel, your best.  Do you want a nutritional reset?  Do you want to ease off a few pounds?  Reduce inflammation?  Improve sleep? Improve your skin? Make menopause bearable?  Nutrition matters.  

Empowerment From Within


Learn new ways to cook and enjoy food, stabilize hormones, reset the gut, lower blood sugar, and lower cholesterol.   The natural supplements and food choices we provide stimulate the liver and kidneys to aid in detoxification.  Through detoxification the body becomes more in balance and is able to achieve better sleep, higher energy, improved glow, and overall health.

Take a 21 day culinary journey with our in house nutrition guru, Natasha Dutko.  This program includes pre and post-lab work, supplements, protein powder, recipes, and guidance from Natasha herself.

21 days to a whole new outlook on food and health.

Discover the joy of craving healthy food.

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Michael Pollen

21 Day Nutritional Reset

N2 offers supplements for stress management, hormonal imbalances, sleep, collagen, and skin.

For inquires and purchasing contact Natasha Dutko

Hello! My name is Natasha and I’m a Southbay native. I help others feel great in their bodies through nutritional guidance. Personally I have been through a long journey of health issues that caused me to dive deep into how to heal myself through nutrition and an active lifestyle. My battle with Lyme disease, mold toxicity, hypothyroidism and gut dysbiosis threw me into the deep end to find holistic solutions that worked. 


At N2 Aesthetics we want you to feel health and beautiful both inside and out. I am here to guide you to optimal inner health though holistic solutions.


Together we can achieve better sleep, improved skin, emotional balance, better digestion, weight loss, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and more…

Health Is Wealth

Make the change.

Live the results.

Natasha Dutko

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