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3 things you can do to help your Botox last longer.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

When you’re waiting for your Botox to kick in, it can feel like FOREVER until it’s finally settled. While we can start to notice results as early as 24-48 hours later, it is often not until day 14 where we realize the final outcome.

This is why we don’t allow touch up’s until after day 14!

We discuss 3 things you can do to prevent migrational spread of your Botox (movement of the product to another area where you may not want it to be!) and how you can potentially help it to kick in quicker.

Immediately after injection you do not want to touch or rub the treated areas. The product has not yet had the chance to bind to the neuromuscular junction and it can potentially affect facial muscles that we don’t want it to. An unfortunate sequela from this could be eyelid ptosis. Another thing to consider is to not wear a tight hat immediately post treatment either.

Do not exercise immediately after your treatment. Vigorous exercise can increase blood flow to the face, this can also cause the Botox to spread to areas not intended for treatment.

However, it is ok to contract your facial muscles. Frown to activate the glabella muscles, lift your eyebrows to activate your frontalis muscle, and smile/squint to activate the orbicularis oculi muscles.

In regards to the duration of treatment, it is well researched and published that dose = duration. Low doses of Botox will not last as long as the full prescribed dosing. Enjoyers of intense exercise may also notice that they might not get quite the same duration as their more laid back friends do.

Normal duration is anywhere from 90-120 days.

There are some publications that discuss the use of Zinc supplements in prolonging Botox results. Personally I’ve never tried using it for this, but I do love zinc for its immune benefits!

I am a big believer in waiting the full 90 days between treatments. It is preventative for developing resistance (neutralizing antibodies) to OnabotulinumtoxinA. I think that abusing this, and unfortunately not getting the full effect from Botox, would be a crime you’d forever be sorry you committed.

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