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Our providers at N2 Aesthetics are some of the most highly trained artists in injectable filler treatments.

Whether you’re looking to achieve fuller lips, a more defined jawline, or contoured cheeks, facial fillers can be a powerful aesthetic treatment to help you achieve your beauty goals and enhance your natural beauty.

Fillers can be incredibly impactful for anti-aging as well. A very significant component to facial aging is volume loss. As we age, we lose bony support, the structural deep fat pads diminish, and the overlying tissue will descend due to this natural deflation. Replacing this lost volume with hyaluronic acid fillers can be a beautiful way to bring a youthful glow back to the face.

When injected with precise technical skill and an intimate understanding of facial anatomy, filler results can be absolutely undetectable and natural. Most results can last greater than 2 years!

As a highly sought-after industry leader and one of the most requested industry speakers/trainers in the U.S., Nicola is passionate about education and often travels across the country to train other injectors. Her training model places a strong emphasis on anatomy and safety with injectable treatments.

Nicola continuously attends advanced trainings all over the world to ensure that the knowledge she shares with her students encompasses the most up to date and highest quality education.


She is also a contributing author on multiple evidence based, anatomical publications, and has a book on the horizon, “#AnatomySunday, a Manual for Injectors.” This comprehensive textbook focuses on injector-specific anatomy and some of Nicola’s favorite treatment pearls.

I share everything I know with my students. I don’t hold back. If we elevate each other, this industry only gets better for us all.

Industry Recognized Experience

M.P.A.P., PC-C

Nicola Lowrey

Learn The Why

Learn how to approach and treat a face based on an in-depth understanding of applied anatomical principles.

Learn the pathophysiology of the maturing face and shift your treatments to truly treat the etiology, not chase the symptoms.


Minimize complication rates with an intimate perception of the tissue layers of the face.

Keep your patients looking natural.


Master your skills utilizing different delivery methods based on both safety and best aesthetic outcomes.


Prevent “overfilled” syndrome by learning the biomechanics of the face.

Become an assessment guru; acquire the ability to “see” what the face truly needs based on universal ideal proportions.

Deliver the most natural looking and safest outcomes.

Integrate ultrasound imaging into your practice for both safety and more accurate complication management.

Master your craft to take your aesthetic practice to the next level!

We Train the Trainers.

Trust your education to the trainers that represent the industry.  Get the latest in depth knowledge from the people at the forefront.

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