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Our approach is rooted in the belief that beauty is about renewing your sense of self.  Welcome to a deeper connection to beauty.

Where Science, Anatomy And Technical Expertise Come Together To Create Natural Beauty

3 beautiful female faces.

We believe in enhancing your natural beauty without changing your unique facial identity. Our vision of exceptional care builds upon you and your story. All our treatment plans are customized for you, and so we begin by learning about your beauty goals and unique needs. Then, we personalize a balanced treatment plan that closely aligns with your individual objectives.


Staggered profiles of a 2 beautiful women.  One very fair skinned and one very dark skinned.
Female face, pretty skin, eyes closed learning back while skin is being cleaned.

As an industry leader in the field, we specialize in injectable procedures and skincare. We offer a full spectrum of care from medical grade skincare to skin procedures to injectables. Our goal is to help every patient achieve a youthful, healthy, vibrant complexion


Our team of experts are extensively trained and committed to building trust. Our practitioners have decades of clinical practice and educational experience. They’ve received comprehensive training from the world’s leading experts and are here to bring you deeply informed, cutting-edge care.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Founder of N2 Aesthetics, Nicola Lowrey, MPAP, PA-C, is passionate about training and education. A highly sought-after industry leader and one of the most requested speakers/trainers globally. Nicola splits her time between her practice and traveling around the country to train other injectors

Training Is At The Heart Of Our Foundation

A client reading the contact us information for N2 Aesthetics.

Let's start a conversation.  We're real people, and we'll respond right away - this time and every time,  it's a promise.

The Best Care Starts With Hello

For the content consumers need to make educated decisions about their aesthetic treatments check out the N2 Aesthetics Blog.

Education, Updates, and News

Just like the rest of our body, this organ requires the correct nutrients for optimal health.

Believe that beautiful skin can be achievable at any age.

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